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F I E L D   G U I D E

A handy guide to the species in our wedding design (created

by the lovely Vidya Santosh).

Costa's Hummingbird

(Calypte costae)


Costa's hummingbirds live seasonally in California. These birds have plumage of brilliant purple and green (the theme colors of the wedding). Before they dated, Will and Whit took an ornithology course, of which hummingbirds were the highlight.

Willow and Catkin
(Salix sepulcralis)


Catkins are green or purple hotdog-shaped flowers that grow on some species of willow. Will and Whit started dating in London while taking a course on William Morris, who is famous for his "willow" wallpaper pattern (which inspired this background design).

Western Tailed Blue Butterfly
(Cupido amyntula)


These delicate blue butterflies, which also live in California, sometimes have a flash of orange on their wings. Their wingspan is up to 1.125 inches wide.

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